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3 Aug 2006 – Sonar Screensaver 1.00 released

Sonar Screensaver 1.00 released www.zerge.com/press/sn20060803.txt


ZERGE.COM releases Sonar Screensaver 1.00

Moscow, Russia, August 3rd, 2006 - ZERGE.COM

ZERGE.COM today released a new sonar simulation screensaver. Entitled "Sonar Screensaver," the product available for Windows, and can be purchased via download from www.zerge.com for $US19.95. 15-day trial version is free, and operates first 10 minutes without reminder messages each time being started.

Sonar Screensaver is flexible and detailed fabulous sonar simulation software. It helps to turn casual PC into a fabulous sonar outpost, watching for the objects at surface and underwater somewhere in coastal zone.

Most of the screen takes a famous circular sonar CRT display with rotating beam. There you will find visual representation of underwater noises, floating object marks, contour map and orthogonal/circular scale grids.

Lots of other supplementary information will be displayed in several windows, located at sides of the screen. These include sonar detector status information, acoustic channel bar graph, and list of detected objects, event log and more.

Sonar screensaver operation can be accompanied with many sounds, produced by underwater objects, including noises, whale songs and sounds from screw propellers of nearly floating vessels. In addition, sonar display can produce sounds by itself making clicks and flicks like those that most of computers in movies does.

Sonar Screensaver has many settings, which allow configuring it in many ways. These include traffic intensity, animation detail level, smoothness, and set of elements, which can be disabled to improve performance.

It has a feature that can make it more useful than just a screen saving utility. In "On-screen message" mode it will not close as usual screensaver when someone moves a mouse or presses the keys. Instead of closing, it will display a message, which could be set earlier. Moreover, it can create several application shortcuts for manual launching the screensaver with different messages in different situations.

Sonar Screensaver fully supports multi-monitor PC configurations. It can display same or different situations on all of the monitors, connected to PC. When "Multiple Sessions" function enabled, it can restart model from time to time to show different situations without restarting the screensaver. Screen resolution, color quality, and refresh rate can be set independently for each display. It is possible to configure secondary display to show blank screen during operation or not use it at all - this might be useful when secondary display is used for displaying something useful, like uninterruptible monitoring information.

The screensaver has unpretentious system requirements. For example, with a processor like Pentium-IV and with such a graphics card as GeForce-4, it will be able to operate with all parameters set to their maximum values.

Sonar Screensaver is well documented - its on-line help covers all users' needs related to installing, using, and properly configuring the screensaver (however, it works nice enough with default settings).

Web page : http://www.zerge.com/sonar-screensaver/
Download link : http://www.zerge.com/ss-sonar-setup.exe (2.6MB)

ZERGE.COM is a Russian company with over 3 years experience in developing screensavers and Windows software and is well-known for producing radar simulation screensaver, Radar Screensaver.

Xander Zerge
Tel: +7-910-419-5373



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3 Aug 2006 – Sonar Screensaver release